MIDWAY TO HOLLYWOOD..Giant Sharks & Bigfoot!


Veteran sideshow operator Jeff Murray has found a new calling with the upcoming release of his feature film; "BIGFOOTS WILD WEEKEND".


Murray who had spent over twenty five years in the carnival sideshow business changed direction after having been associated with popular film executive; Fred Olen Ray. The two met in the early 1990s while Ray was making movies in Hollywood and found an interest in the sideshow business.

Murray and Ray exhibited their shows on some of the same California midways and soon became friends and even partnered in a couple of attractions. During this time, Jeff was introduced to filmmaking and became interested in producing and directing movie projects.


In 2011, Jeff was an executive producer on Ray's popular film; SUPER SHARK which starred John Schneider and had a long run on the SyFy channel. This year, Jeff wrote, produced and directed his own picture; "BIGFOOTS WILD WEEKEND" which is scheduled for release on Feb 12th, 2013.


It is the story of a skeptical tabloid reporter who is given the assignment of investigating a string of encounters involving BIGFOOT. After talking with a few witnesses, he soon learns that Bigfoot isn't a scary monster at all, just a beer-dringing, panty-stealing party animal! But the reporter isn't the only one tracking down the elusive creature. He'll have to compete with a couple groups of rival Hillbillies who are looking to claim the reward on the Monster. With the aid of the local Sheriff and a beautiful television news reporter, he sets out to get to the heart of the story before it's too late.


"BIGFOOTS WILD WEEKEND" is a crazy off-the-wall comedy filled with beer, babes ( in and out of their bikini's) and Bigfoot!


The picture is available now on DVD for pre-order from AMAZON as well as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Sears and many others. Early orders receive a discount from the regular retail price. For those of you who order a copy now, Jeff will send you an autographed mini-poster from the production. Just mail your purchase receipt to HARMUR Entertainment - PO Box 793 - Oakhurst, Ca. 93644 and the poster will be sent to you post paid.


You can find a preview of "Bigfoots Wild Weekend" on Youtube. Just look up; Bigfoots Wild Weekend Teaser Trailer.





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