With the 2012 outdoor entertainment season winding down, Gatorman and I decided to pay a visit to the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport. A leisurely, ninety mile, drive from Nacogdoches.

We hit the road Thursday morning November 8th… the skies were clear and the afternoon temperatures were predicted to be in the mid-70s…prefect fair weather!

This is the 106th addition of the Louisiana State Fair. The dates are Oct. 25th – Nov. 11th.

The 2012 carnival contract is held by Crabtree Amusements. The carnival has a beautiful layout with well maintained rides with plentyof flash. There are nine grind shows and one bannerline at the fair.

The shows include Reptile, Smallest Woman, Alligator/Crocodile, four Smallest Horses, Snake Girl Illusion, Big Pig and the Big Circus Sideshow.

The BCS was flying several new banners and looked great considering it has just completed a long season. It takes a lot of hard work keeping a show looking topnotch year in and year out …this is one show that clearly displays the pride of a true honest-to-god showman.

To everyone heading to winter quarters or to another spot…be safe.

We look forward to seeing you next season.


Article by Rick West,

Photographs courtesy of Rick West

1- Crabtree Amusements

2- Big Circus Sideshow & Bannerline at Night

3- Big Circus Sideshow & Bannerline Day

4- BCS Crew Jim, Racetrack, Richard, Jay

5- Richard

6- Racetrack and Jay

7- Big Circus Sideshow

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