Blood Moon


One of the hallmarks of my career was having the chance to act in a movie with one of my all time idols Tim Curry. What made this experience even more unique, was performing some of my favorite Sideshow Feats in a film about a Surreal Sideshow. And to top this all off, being a part of this film took me on my first journey to Europe. The whole movie was filmed in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and had one of the largest casts of midgets and dwarves in a film since 'The Wizard of Oz'. Also, every Freak and Gypsy in the movie was REAL!

What you are about to witness is an intimate look at the making of this amazing movie... thru my eyes, as I had full permission to film everything and anything that took place on the set... and off!


For the longest time this had been a personal journey that I had kept to myself, but I have decided to allow you... my fans into my personal world for just a moment in time. This is raw and real, not a TV Special or Documentary. This is a slice of my life and it all starts right here, right now.... join me on a trip into the World of Blood Moon.


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