Dominic Carlsson-Wragg


Dominic is a twenty- six year old Illustrator living in Lincoln.

His favourite tools include mechanical pencils, sharpies, acrylic paints, printmaking and photocopiers.

Dominic's influences include artists David Shrigley, Edward Gorey, Ronald Searle, Andy Warhol, and Louis Wain (after he went insane).

Dominic is also quite partial to photography and usually is found with a camera on his person. While he usually uses it to document his travels, he sometimes comes across a photograph he thinks he could pass off as "arty".

He likes to travel even though he hasn't really been out of the country since 1996. He would like to though. For now he'll just have to do with exploring Derbyshire. Derbyshire is pretty okay.

Dominic has a lot more hats than he probably should, but thinks he needs to make up for the flat cap he left on the train on the way to Derby in April. Only problem is that Next doesn't make the same hat anymore and every alternative he could find looked rubbish.

At some point in the future, Dominic would quite like to become a freelance illustrator. And probably do a children's book at some point. That'd be hella neat!

When Dominic was five or so years old, he had a dream where Dr. Robotnik and Jeremy Beadle kidnapped him and kept him hostage in an oddly colourful house with slopes instead of stairs. Luckily, he escaped when his mum came to pick him up.

He thinks Rich Tea biscuits are the best 'boring biscuits' out there and his favourite pizza is ham and pineapple, regardless of others claiming the combination of pizza and fruit to be ungodly.

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