R. A. Maness: a California native who in the early 1970s was transplanted to the heart of Texas.  A curious kid, son of a craftsman, his father could build anything with his hands.  R.A. learned to build things at a very young age.  He loves the sideshow, special effects, movie monsters and scary movies.  He and his friends created their own war-horror movies by the age of 12.  By age 18 he had created many horror props, gaffs, latex FX for collectors, sideshows, museums, and theater FX and film.


The creation he is most proud of is his "Severed Tattooed Hand".  He has copyrights on all of them through the U.S. copyright office along with 2 short stories about the hands.


Maness has also been selling his hands and other items on an online auction.  His "Severed Tattooed Hands" has been displayed in shops, museums, with collectors and on midways all over America. A very unusual oddity which has been sold all over the world. 


We hope you will enjoy his art and find it amazing and shocking!


We are proud to have R. A. Maness Creator of the Odd!  included in our Sideshow World Family.


Check out his artwork, see if you can tell if it's real or is it a Maness?


For more information roger_maness@netzero.com


















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