Funeral Arrangements


for Felicity Bouvier

Doeppenschmidt Funeral Home
189 North Sequin Avenue
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
Phone: 830 625 3434

Viewing- Sun June 1 at 2 PM until 9 PM

Services at 6 PM Sun June 1


The burial will take place on Tuesday June 3rd at 10am
in the cemetery behind Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
School in Selma TX

If you have any questions about the services the
funeral home can be reached at 830.625.3434



I received this information today from James Taylor.  


We would like to give our Sincere Condolence to Felicity's Family & Friends and let them know that they are in our thoughts and prays.

John Robinson
Sideshow World

*BEXAR COUNTY, Texas -- *A 36-year-old woman learning how to shoot a rifle was accidentally shot and killed Wednesday afternoon.  Felicity Perez was with her husband at a friend's home on Trainer Hale Road near Cibolo when the shooting occurred. Detectives said the man teaching Perez how to shoot accidentally discharged the rifle, striking the woman in the stomach. She was pronounced dead at the scene, investigators said." We have no facts to support criminal wrongdoing or anything like that," Bexar County Sheriff's Sgt. Jose Trevino said. "As far as right now, what we have is accidental. "Detectives confiscated the rifle and said the case would likely be up to a grand jury to see if charges would be filed.

Slightly more info:

Felicity Perez wanted to learn about guns, and tragically, it killed her.

Perez, 36, was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon in east Bexar County.

At about 1 p.m., a friend of Perez and her husband were target practicing and teaching Perez how to shoot.

The friend, who neighbors say is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and an avid gun collector, was loading a high-powered rifle.

They had been shooting a .22 and were about to teach Perez about higher caliber guns when the friend loaded the last round into the rifle, and deputies say the men told them the rifle just went off.

"The gentleman had loaded the ammo and he was putting it into the rifle. Apparently something happened that caused the rifle to discharge several times in a row. And as he was stepping back apparently the barrel of the rifle came down in her direction and one of the rounds that had discharged, struck her," Lt. Robert Talbert said.

Both men were taken to the sheriff's office to give their statements, but deputies say it appears this was just a sad accident.

At this time, it doesn't appear there will be any charges filed, but the evidence will be given to the district attorney.


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