Scott Fuller - Grappler

Scott Fuller, son of Rev. Hugh and Pearl Phipps-Fuller took part in what is referred to as the “athletic show.” It was the top attraction of many old-time carnivals, fairs and circuses. “AT shows,” as they were called, featured wrestlers and boxers taking on challengers from the crowd.  In the spring, a show operator would gather a troupe of capable wrestlers and fighters and send them out barnstorming.  Barnstorming is an old term used to describe touring entertainers and athletes that performed anywhere and everywhere. The show involved meeting all comers from the audience, offering money to the challenger who was able to stay the time limit with the carnival man.  An “AT show” operator couldn’t afford to pay out too many forfeits, so the wrestlers and boxers had to be both highly skilled and as tough as nails.  In its heyday, the athletic show produced a hardy breed of grappler – rough, ready and able to dispose of any challenger who stepped up from the spectators.


Scott was a professional boxer.  He was one of the twelve leading contenders during the time that Joe Lewis was the worlds heavyweight champion.  Scott was never picked to box him.  It was after his boxing career when he started boxing and wrestling at carnivals.



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