For the ENGLISH CHALLENGE CUPS (open to Gentleman Amateurs)


1-That the entries be drawn to contend by lots.


2-That the entrance fee be 10s.  


3-Hearvy weights to be over 158 lbs.; middle weights not to exceed 158 lbs.; light weights not to exceed 140 lbs.


4.-That there be three judges appointed by the committee.


5-That the boxing take place in a 24-ft. ring.


6-That no wrestling, roughing, or hugging on the ropes be allowed.


7-That each heat consist of three rounds, with one minute interval between each; the duration of each round to be at the discretion of the judges, but not to exceed five minutes.


8-Any competitor not coming up to time shall be deemed to have lost.


9-That no shoes or boots with spikes or spriggs be allowed.


10-Competitors to wear jerseys.


11.- Gloves to be provided by the club.


12-The cups to be boxed for once in each year; the winner to receive a silver medal.


Fred Howe, the Fatman and George Moore, the living skeleton; they are the most comical boxers in the world.  Fred Howe's father was a carpenter at Alleghany City, Penn., and Fred started to learn the same trade, but soon became too fat.  At the age of eighteen he joined the Forepaugh Circus as a "tat boy," and there met his present sparring partner.

George Moore was born in Helena, Montana, where his father had a little dry goods shop.  until he was twenty-one years of age George worked in his father's shop.  But his greatest desire was to see the world.  When the fist big circus came to Helena, the manager offered him an engagement to exhibit himself as the "living skeleton," and he closed with the offer at once.  Fred Howe, they soon became great friends.  The doctors advised both to take as much exercise as possible - the one to gain flesh, and the other to get rid of it.  These smart Yankee lads then resolved to combine duty with pleasure, so they went in for boxing.  For a long time they practised privately.  One day, however, the manager was told of the fun by some of his "freaks," who had been allowed to see a set-to" between the two gladiators.  The manager then arranged a round or two, and the moment he saw Howe and Moore face each other, he offered them a long engagement at an increased salary, if only they would do their boxing before the public.  To-day these funny fellows are not only expert boxers, but also perfect comedians in their "art."  Their boxing is uproariously funny.

Moore is 6ft. 3in. in height, and weighs but 97lb., Howe is only 4ft. 2in. high, and weights exactly 422lb.


The Strand Magazine




Fred Howe and George Moore


I never could understand how it was that Mr. Howe should be heavier than Mr. Moore, when it is a known fact that Mr. Moore eats more than Mr. Howe.  However, it has also been proven that Mr. Howe drinks more than Mr. Moore, yet all can plainly see there is more Mr. Howe than there is of Mr. Moore in circumference, but perpendicularly speaking, there is more of Mr. Moore than there is of Mr. Howe, and how this happens to be the case is more than I can explain.


How to Get Fat


BREAKFAST - Tea, coffee or chocolate, with plenty of sugar and mild, wheatena, oatmeal or cracked wheat, two soft-boiled eggs.  Avoid meat for this meal.


DINNER - (AS you desire) - Plenty of spaghetti, rice, potatoes, bread or farinaceous dishes.


SUPPER - No tea or coffee; anything else you like, with a large bowl of bread and milk before retiring.  Drink plenty of pure water at all times.  Abstain as much as possible form tomatoes, pickles, acids or spinach with vinegar.


How to Get Thin


Drink no malt liquors of any kind.  Do not use sugar or milk, and not eat butter, rice, oatmeal, corn-starch, potatoes, pork, spaghetti, etc., Follow these rules and you will lose from one to three pounds a week.


Above photographs 1 - 2 front and back courtesy of Gary Bricken


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