1920 Ventriloquist Alfred Morin

VALENTINE VOX , also Vox and Walters


Real name: Alfred Morin.   Died 1943.  Figure: Cecil Wigglenose.  Comedy team of Vox and Walters (see Emily Walters). 



Maiden name: Emily Carlin.  She was a dancer who fell in love with Walter Walters, and together they became successful ventriloquist team of Walters and Walters.  Emily and Walter were the parents of Walter Walters, Jr., who also became a ventriloquist.  Later, after her divorce to Walter, Emily joined Valentine Vox (real name Wilfred Moran) to perform as Vox and Walters.  They were referred to as "The King and Queen of Ventriloquism" in 1930.


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