The first sideshow I did was at Hubert's Museum on 42nd street  in New York  with an ancient figure 
I bought on consignment from Al Flosso, glued back together and and with it did 10 shows a day,
7 days a week, 35.00 a week before taxes.
Hubert's was home to Professor Heckler's famous Flea Circus. 
No seats, the audience stood and walked from stage to stage as directed by the inside pitchman. 
In my day that would have been George 'Woofoo' Stevens.
You should get lots of information on Hubert's on the net. 
Remember back then I worked as Russ Lewis. 
The next sideshow spot was in a Coney Island a spot vacated by ventriloquist Roy Douglas, 
also a sideshow vent. 
Next for me was Vivona Brothers side show where I did the season working for DeWise Purdin, 
(Pappy) The Handless Sharpshooter. 
I did my act, was inside talker, set up and tore down stages and tent with other roustabouts. 
Next was Riverview Park's Ten in One, in Chicago...and my last side show gig was at Madison 
Square Garden with Ringling's Circus. 
I moved to Hollywood, did some comedy burlesque with my figure, when in 1962 Rip Taylor saw 
the act and I did Ed the Sullivan show.  
Never did another side show gig. I guess after that I was considered legit. Who knows? 
I hope my small contribution adds a bit of something for your research David. 
Be well All
Russo A Louis 
Professional Stage Ventriloquist's Dummy

Comedy DVD 





Thanks to David Pitts for all his support and encouraging

Russo A Louis to share his experience.


To the right - Henry Little and David Pitts


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