Professor Maurettus


Charles E Brown, also known as Professor Maurettus, was a ventriloquist, mimic, character comedian. He performed primarily in the Midwest. He received a Gold Medal at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair for his ventriloquist act.


These are just a few of the shows Charles joined  -  from the 1888/89 season: Dr Hallecks Wild West Show, Iroquois Medicine Show, Rodericos Dime Museum, Schiedell Bros, Kickapoo Indian Medicine, etc. just to name a few.


1891 season he was with the Kickapoo Indian Medicine party no. 22 and the manager was R.W. Tillford. some the the "actors" were Charles E Mautittus, Tom Adams, Isac Waterman played Running Elk, William Crow played Col. Hard Robe, and others.


 In the 1903 season he was taking violin lessons and paid $.60 each for them. He played violin in Parades, at dances and weddings and lists how much he was paid for each engagement. In 1888 he was clearing $3-$4 per day, but by 1912 he was with the Lucky Bill show and received a salary of $20 per week.



Charles E Brown as a younger man - studio portrait




Unknown female - perhaps his assistant, wife or girl friend?




Prof Maurettus with several of his ventriloquist dummies in parlor setting




Punch and Judy Show




Charles E Brown dressed as an old woman - One of his comedic characters




Charles E Brown dress as a clown? - One of his comedic characters


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