"Poopees De Paree"


I'm not so sure it would work today, but one of the most successful shows (ie. profitable) at the I964-65 New York Worlds Fair was "Poopees De Paree" with pictures of beautiful girls on the front, that were puppets, minus showing any strings, Also a sexy live girl in a can can costume.


The public mistook it as being a French girl show "Direct From Paris". I expect it got more than a few beefs from the guys who discovered no live naked girls, and as I remember a few walked out once they found out it wasn't what they thought it was.

It was a beautiful, permanent structure front. In the amusement zone. It was operated by the Kroft Brothers who did a marionette act on the Ringling-Barnum sideshow in I948, They produced a movie just a few years ago that used the "Circus Vargas" as the setting Think it was done in the mid-late 80s, based on their experiences working in the sideshow. The name of the movie is "Sideshow" The sideshow used in the shoot was Jack Wallers.

Other long time side show vents. were Charley Roark (who I think is still living in Malvern Arkansas, and Scotty McNiel. also mostly on Med' shows vent was Bob Noel who gained fame with his wrestling ape show, and established "The Chimp Farm" still there in Tarpon Springs Fla. Also Jean Mercer a female impersonator did vent on sideshows in I940s and taught me the act and gave me his old figure when I sold him Perky on his arrival. After two weeks he sold him back to me and I believe Jean never did a vent act again. I first learned to pitch magic watching Don Taylor do so and vent on Johnny Howard's store sideshow in I943.

Cordially Ward Hall


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