The Pocket Ventriloquist Kit

A Business Card


This business card was designed by Clinton Detweiler, in 1981.  Dave Miller was commissioned to create the original art.  Bruce Hansen printing was hired for the printing and custom dies and stamp cutting was done  by a Denver (CO) firm.  The final assembly was completed by Adelia Detweiler, executive partner of Maher Ventriloquist Studios, the business which the card advertises.





Script Introduction:


V: Hello, ladies and gentlemen,

F: How about the boys and Girls?


V: Don't interrupt me,

F: Okay, go ahead.


V: hello, ladies and gentlemen,

F: You already said that.


V: Will you please keep quiet!

F: I want to talk.


V: I haven't introduced you yet.  So please keep your mouth shut.

F: I can't breathe with my mouth shut.


V: You can breathe through your nose,

F: Can you breathe through your nose?


V: Of course I can,

F: Then you keep YOUR mouth shut.





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