It is not necessary to impress upon your mind the value of GOOD FIGURES. Your figures play a great part in your act, and you should have figures that LOOK THE PART.
So why not have them made by one who understands such figures and knows how to give them EXPRESSION, etc., that will "Hold the People" and "Make your act go?"

Our years of experience in the professional field, as performers and as figure makers, and our long association with the best ventriloquists, has proven to us the WOOD is the BEST material from which-desirable and satisfactory-ventriloquial heads can be made.  You can readily understand the value of GOOD WOOD-HEADS over Mache, Plastics, or poorly carved and expressionless wood ones.

To begin with "PINXY" figures are made of a light weight wood, and are hollowed out inside and made in two (2) parts so they can be taken apart easily should anything go wrong inside.

They are carved by a skilled artist who understands exactly how to give them the expression and character you most desire.

If you have any special ideas of an expression, one that you think would be individual and suit your act, just send us a  sketch, or write us your ideas as explicit as possible and we will carry them out, we are in a position to do this, we are fully equipped for this and understand how it should be done, and furthermore this kind of work is more satisfactory done in wood.  Your ideas are strictly confidential.

We have experimented and understand the proper procedure for making heads of other materials, which are really cheaper to make but we recommend "WOOD as the BEST".



A to Mouth Movements there are two kinds, first the KID MOUTH, preferred by most ventriloquists,-in this type the mouth ONLY moves, the chin is stationary, the most natural mouth as there are no slits or grooves on the sides.  The other Mouth Movement is the Cut-Away mouth, the whole mouth and chin are cut away from the face and the Jaw drops in its own groove and the kid leather is put down on the neck.  This is the most practical for small figures that require a mouth movement.

Some prefer one style and some prefer the other.  Whichever style you want you can be assured that Pinxy makes the BEST that can be made in that kind of mouth action.


The painting of Pinxy figures are of a warm flesh color so tinted and blended to bring out every feature.  The faces can be washed when soiled.  That Bright-Clean finish is very important, giving that professional and artistic look.

The bodies are strong and well made yet light and easy to handle and have nice carved wood hands.  The figure comes to you complete, dressed in a neat suit made to fit the body, in either velvet-corduroy, or good suiting material, unless otherwise ordered.





A PINXY PROFESSIONAL KNEE FIGURE, AS DESCRIBED, 40-42 inches high, packs in standard 26 inch suit case, in Irish, School-boy, Fresh-kid, or Negro complete, ready to work -$25.00.

Same figure with REAL HAIR WIG-$4.00 extra.

HEADS ALONE without the body-$15.00  Hand Carved Wood Hands-$4.00 a pair.

Special Costumes such as Tuxedo, Bell-Hop, etc. priced on application.

Other characters made to your individual order, priced to you personally.

CLUB SIZE FIGURES, 20-24 inches $25.00.



that may be installed in

ONE WINKING EYE - (right or left) - $3.50.

There are two kinds of winking eyes.  1st-the eye turns downward to make the wink.  2nd-Eye-Lids are put on to pull down over the eyes.  When Eye-lids are used both eyes must have the lids.


CRYING EFFECT, real water tears, complete with Bulb and Tubing - $5.00.






AIR-BULB MOUTH ACTION, with pressure bulb and 6 ft. or tubing - $7.00 (figures mouth works readily at 6 ft. distance).


OTHER MOVEMENTS priced upon application.

Will be glad to quote prices on any special ideas of your own.





Constructed with Hand Carved Wood Heads each with it's own character expression Carved into the face, no two alike in any set.  The heads are 5 to 6 inches from Chin to top of fore-head, just the right size for professional work, and all have solid, glass eyes.

Pinxy figures have that perfect BALANCE so necessary for Quick, Smooth, Action and are easy to hold and handle.  Being Punch workers for many years, we know the exact requirements for the best working figures.

Beautifully and Artistically Costumed in keeping with their characters and with a long sleeve to cover the worker's arms.  Pinxy Punch figures are QUALITY PLUS.

A set of six figures - Punch, Judy, Policeman, Negro, Devil and Alligator, as described above wit h Instructions and Patter $40.00 and a Pinxy Sterling Silver Punch reed-free with the set.  Single figures, etc.,

as follows: - Punch, $8.50;  The others, $7.00; Special Characters or moving moths will be priced upon request.  Sterling Silver Punch Reeds, $1.00.  The Best, None-Better.


PINXY MARIONETTES are strictly professional made. Strong, Light and Flexible.  Correctly strung on perfect working controls, easy to handle.

All have HAND CARVED WOOD HEADS, and are NEATLY and ATTRACTIVELY costumed.  Made throughout with the very best materials obtainable.  Pinxy Puppets are the most satisfactory to be had.  Used and recommended by the big successful acts of today.

ANY type or Character wanted; Such as CLOWN; BALL JUGGLER: BAR PERFORMER; MASTER of CEREMONIES; DANCERS; DRUNKEN SAILOR; Straight and Comedy characters and Animals.

TRICK FIGURES - such as DANCING SKELETON which falls apart and re-assembles; SCARAMOUCHE a comedy figure; INSTANT TRANSFORMATIONS and TURN-OVERS. Any trick figure priced upon application.




Living Marionettes are the kind of puppets where their bodies are fastened around the performers necks, making a living head with a small dwarf-like body.  The hands and legs are manipulated from the back.  Living Marionettes are worked inside a cabinet very similar to a Punch $ Judy cabinet, the performers are hidden behind a back curtain and only their heads are seen.  Singing, dancing and monologue acts can be worked with this type of puppets as the performer's head acts as the head of the puppet.

Living Marionettes are priced upon request and according to size and character wanted.

COLTA & COLTA of Harrisburg, Pa. whose living Marionette act has played all over America in the past 25 years says "Our Pinxy figures are the best we have ever had."  They also own a full set of Pinxy Punch & Judy figures.




GEORGE PRENTICE  Master Puppeteer, who has just returned from two years booking in Europe, played the largest theatres in the prominent cities in Europe and gave a command performance for the Duke of Windsor.

Prentice writes - "Pinxy, I want some more figures made by you, they are the best in the world, they bring me big success."  Here is a man who has been using Pinxy figures for nearly ten years and has seen and examined every make of figures in Europe and America, is still using Pinxy figures and wants more.  He knows from actual experience the Pixy makes the best.

MR. B. SAVAGE - connected with the Art Department of the Hearst Publications says, "I am very much pleased with the Punch & Judy figures I got from Pinxy,"

THE BILLBOARD - April 6th 1929 - Page 74, a notice about Punch Allen reads. "He recently received a dandy set of Punch & Judy figures from 'PINXY' of Chicago, which he says are the BEST he has ever owned, and that's covering a lot of territory, as Allen is one of the old boys in the game."

ED WYNN - who will still be remembered as "The Fire Chief "- used only Pinxy Puppets in his Punch & Judy act, and featured it with "The Laugh Parade" for two seasons.


LEN VINTUS, Winnepeg, Canada, the 1st president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, first publisher of the Linking Ring, - made a trip to Chicago, to get the best Punch & Judy figures he could find - now owns a beautiful set of Pinxy Puppets and writes, "I am delighted with my fine new figures."

There must be - a reason why - people who come to Chicago, from all parts of the country, looking for figures and puppets, almost always but Pinxy figures.

They come and see for themselves that Pinxy figures are just what we claim for them  the best and most satisfactory to be had.  We DON'T misrepresent our figures or our work.  We are TRUTHFUL and dependable and HONEST with our Customers and in all our dealings as will as in our advertising.

DR. GEORGE SMITH of Peoria, Ill., whose widely advertised Course in Ventriloquism is known around the world, is a Pinxy friend and booster, and always recommends Pinxy figures as the BEST.

MR. JOE CORRELI., brother of the famous ANDY of "AMOS & ANDY," on a visit to the Windy City, looking for a Ventriloquial figure, carried home a PINXY wooden head boy.

ON THE FRONT COVER of the SPHINX Magic Magazine, for Sept. 1925 is a picture of Ernest Schieldge, with his Pinxy Vent figure.  Mr. Schieldge was the 1st Vice Pres. of the I.B.M. He writes: "The figure that I bought from you is giving excellent satisfaction."  And later wrote: "The Punch and Judy outfit received  I am will pleased - it is the finest set I have ever seen."

SIGNOR VITTORIO PODRECA, owner of the "PICCOLI" Marionettes, largest and most famous Puppet Show in the world, who toured the U. S. in 1933, wanted some special "Made-in-America" Puppets.  Searched for and examined figures in every city, finally selected - Pinxy's make as the best and only ones that compared with his own Italian made figures.  Placed his order with Pinxy and said, "He was delighted with the puppets we made for him."


NED FRAILEY, Magician, Lancaster, Pa. says - "I received the Vent. head and I must say I am more than pleased, I have had many different makes of figures in my time, but the one I have just received from you is the TOPS."

DON FRASER, State Representative of Salem Conn. is delighted with his new special Pinxy Vent figure.  He writes, "Red headed Elmer, arrived in good shape, let me congratulate you in the manufacturing of a Great figure both mechanically and artistically, it is just the type I wanted - Elmer became famous over night, having made a decided hit before the Swanky and very exclusive Lotos Club, in N. Y. City."

Successful ventriloquist everywhere are using "Pinxy" figures and others are fast changing their old figures for Pinxy figures.

We have so many nice letters from friends and customers it would be impossible to give them all here but we appreciate every one.  Here are just a few, you may know some of them, they will all vouch for the honesty of Pinxy figures.  ELWOOD & RIPEL, Philadelphia.  MADOLE the MAGICIAN.  R. S. BAILEY, Los Angeles.  THE STERLINGS. entour for Red Path.  Murry Bliss Butler.  Eli Nasser.. Ernest Bribane, London England.  Maxwell the Magician, and many others.  They all say




Pinxy figures are now owned around the entire world - Hawaii - Cuba - New Zealand - Nova Scotia - The Philippines - Europe _ Africa - Chili - Mexico - British Columbia and nearly all the Provinces of Canada - and every State in the United States.  Used by the best performers of today.

We sell direct to the performer.  Our prices are as low as it is possible to make high quality, genuine professional figures, and "Pinxy" figures are giving perfect satisfaction.  There is a reason-

TO ORDER: - Cash, or Half Cash must accompany all orders, the balance C.O.D.  No figures sent without a deposit.  Send all money by Post-Office or Express Office order or Bank Draft payable to - PINXY, 1212 NORTH WELLS ST.,  CHICAGO, ILL.

(all personal checks must be certified by your bank before shipment is made).


Above 1930's pamphlet from the Pinxy Co. Chicago



George "Pinxy" Larsen, of Chicago, shaping the head for a ventriloquist dummy.  Note the special vise.

IN A SMALL workshop on the north side of Chicago, George Larsen a member of the Chicago Carvers and Craftsman's Club.

Photographs and letters from foreign ventriloquists give an indication of how far his dummies have traveled.

His friends and business associates call him Pinxy because that was his stage name when he and his wife toured America as ventriloquists, Punch-and-Judy operators, and magicians.  In those days they always made their own figures, and their carvings attracted such favorable attention form fellow performers that in 1914 Professor and Madam Pinxy decided to devote the greater part of their time to the manufacture rather than the operation of such figures.  But both have kept active in their old profession.  Pinxy was the first person to give a Punch-and-Judy show on the radio, and his wife, in 1931, produced similar shows for a series of experimental television broadcasts.

Pinxy claims the distinction of being one of the two professional carvers of "blockheads" in America. Each head is made by building up several layers of basswood blocks so that after the head is carved it can be split easily to hollow out the inside.

A sheet of paper is glued between the sections to be split.  The only machine operation is the rough sawing of a face contour; all the other work is done by hand manipulation of ordinary carving tools without the use of  calipers or measuring devices.  The heads are made to order and any expression the performer desires is given to the face.  No two heads are alike.


Article from Popular Science Dec.1939
Page background, carves heads for ventriloquist dummies by Pinxy.

Below - Pinxy Flyer

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