1875 - The Art of Ventriloquism Including Full Directions for Learners How to Acquire a Pleasing Vocalization with Amusing Dialogues by Frederic Maccabe - London Frederick Warne and Co.

Maccabe was a British impersonator, ventriloquist, and entertainer who toured the United States. His particular brand of British humor proved popular and he became the toast of New York. In Britain in the 1860s & 1870s, his show, "Begone Dull Love", performed at the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly and the Great St. Jamesís Hall, was a big hit.





New York Times Dec. 8th 1864



GREAT ST. JAMES'S HALL entrances, Regent St. and Piccadilly.  Every evening at 8: Saturday afternoons at 3.  It is unanimously pronounced by the entire London press that Professor and Miss Anderson's New Entertainment, THE WORLD OF MAGIC, in conjunction with Frederic Maccabe, is the legitimate hit of the day. The Great Hail is nightly crowded in every part, and seats are already engaged for several weeks to come.

Frederic (the Great) Maccabe is acknowledged by the literati and dilletanti of the metropolis to be the most finished artiste of the age.  He will appear every evening in his most popular delineations, including MISS MARY MAY. Miss Anderson's Second Sight in a new phase is nightly received with ecstatic delight.  Miss Lizzie Anderson has achieved, by her expert performance of the Real Indian Basket Feat, a triumph hitherto unparalleled.  Professor Anderson's Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese wonders are admitted to have no equal in the annals of the modern Magi.  Remember, Professor Anderson's last season.  Doors open at 7 every evening, and Saturday afternoons at 2.  Sofa Stalls, 5s, : Reserved Seats, 3s, : Balcony, 2s, : Area and Galleries, 1s.  

A. NIMMO, Acting Manger.










A very clever effort.                                        Morning Herald, July 25th

As a specimen of his singular facility in the art of destroying his own identity, the simpering Miss Mary May might be advantageously cited, 


Daily Telegraph, Augst, 1st 1865,


The best delineation of female character ever presented within our time by a Male performer.

Morning Star, 25th July, 1865


In his repertory of strange personages the most remarkable is perhaps Miss Mary May. 

Morning Post 26th July 1865

A giggling young Lady who tells the story of her bashful Lover in the most natural manner, is exceedingly perfect.  

 ERA. 30th July 1865

A rather prosaic young Lady, dressed and made up to perfection. 


 OBSERVER, Augst 6th 1865,

One of the best bits of character acting in the whole Entertainment. 


 SUNDAY TIMES, July 30th 1865


A Young Lady, who titters out how her lover is hopelessly bashful, and how she is not. 

LLOYDS, July 30th 1865


Among the best of his impersonations is Miss Mary May, 


NEWS OF THE WORLD  July 30th 1865





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