Harry Propper's second stage revue since his return to Mayfair Casino as manager tops his first one by a mile for slick professionalism and novelties.  Both qualities can be traced directly to neat efforts of Valentine Vox and Emily Walters, veteran ventriloquists, who jumped from vaude bill at RKO Palace into nitery tour starting at Mayfair this week.


Team has been doing their double-voice stuff for about 28 years in variety houses, but this is their bow in a theatre-cabaret.  Nitery customers here have seen nearly every type
of act except ventriloquists, which is one reason why they seem fresh and such a socko-hit.

Another is because Vox and Walters who rate as the only mixed duo of its kind, have revamped their material.  It's now more sophisticated, wise-cracky and timed faster.  Closeness of their patented mike-stand for puppets to the diners also gives it an intimate air.  Vox in tais opens with his Buttons flipping out nifties about his nitery debut.  Water drinking and cig-smoking bits by Valentine go over stronger here than they did in vaude.  Blonde wife comes out with doll for more repartee, which builds up her baby crying stunt as final wow.

Variety Feb. 24, 1937



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