Ventriloquism is an act of deception in which a person (ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere. The Greeks called this gastromancy. Linguists claim that the technique of making sounds while giving away no clues about actually talking must have been discovered thousands of years ago and was aptly used by early chieftains and tribesmen, who acted as mediums between men and supernatural forces. ... Wikipedia




Uncle Stan

Black Figure

Eddie & Charlie

1954 NBC-TV Press Photos Ventriloquist Paul Winchell

Samuel Lingerman

Carl J Stilwell

Disney Drawing 1938 Mother Goose Goes to Hollywood

Look Inside a Dummies Head

Callahan's Vent Book

George Horn

Palace of Amusement

Magical Dummies

Vent Pixs

Ray Ann Raymond

Look Inside a Dummies Head

The Great Lester

Any One Can Learn to Be a Vent

Vent Haven

Radio Revives an Ancient Art

Vox & Walters

Ryan Howard Vent Vent

Prof. Jones

Professor Samuel H. Lingerman's "Palace of Amusements"

A Case Full of Dummies

King of the Dummies

A Battle of Minds Over Matter


Ray & Ann Raymond

Marshall Crafter of Vent Dummies

Dan Cupid

The Man Who Makes the Ventriloquist Dummies

Doc Powers & Dummy

Trick Ventriloquism


Prof. Jones - Season 1919

Vintage Vent - Incredibly Unnerving

Hirsute Pursuit

You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

Willie Talks - A Dummy for Your Kids

20th Century African American Ventriloquist Figure

Matchbook Covers

Charlie Get a Farewell Kiss

Charlie Gets the Bird

Listen, You Dummy!

1952 Champagne Charlie

& W. S. Berger

The Pocket Ventriloquist Kit

Ward Hall's Ventriloquist Act

Coney Island 2009

Miss Mary May - by Frederic Maccabe

Pinxy of Chicago

Lew Dockstaders

Headliners Extraordinaire

Ballantine the Magician

Frank Marshall

Professor Maurettus

Russo A Louis

the 1 Man 2 Some

Ventriloquist Sequences

The Unholy Three 1925 & 1930

William Petty Fortson

"Old Joe"

Learn Ventriloquism

with Jimmy Nelson

Learn Ventriloquism

with Edgar Bergan

The Act for Your Next Entertainment

John Hopman

The Ventrillo

Ward Hall

"Poopees De Paree"


Ward Hall & Figure

Utah Showman's Figure

Mountain Man Name

Once a Log

19th Century Black Figure

Fred Russell & Coster Joe

"Thora" Ventriloquist

Vent & Figure

Stanley - Willie Burns

Jay Marshall

Vent & Figures

Germany Circus 1900

Cyril Talbot

Vent & Figures

Vent & Figure


Emil Blume

Frank Marshall

Vent & Figure


Leroy Smith

& Figure

Bill Fortson

& Figures

Chas E Griffin

Comic Image

Young Woman with 2 Figure

Vent & Figure

Vent & Figure

Fairyland 1926

Vent & Figure

Vent & Figure

Vent & Figure

1935 Berlin Vaudeville

Vent & Figures

Chris Cross

Carla Lahnstein

Bob Isaacson

Black Face & Figure

Vent & Figure

1905 Professor Osborne

Vent & Figure


Vent & Figure

Arthur Prince

Bob Bellamy

Bob Bellamy

Bob Bellamy

Bob Bellamy

Bob Bellamy

Vent & Figure

Rox Bauchredner

Vent & Figure

Vent & Figure

J. F. Riley

Vent & Figure

Vent & Figure


Vent & Figure

The Great Gabbo

Vent & 3 Figures

Transvestite Ventriloquist























Johnny Eck and Friend





O U Kid



Casablanca Ventriloquist on Stage




Note Dummy in Front Bottom of Photograph





Charles Children's Corner







Yours Very Truly Parsh









Paris March 12 1931










1952 Ventriloquist W. S. Berger




Bob King (Kingery) and His Figures Tiny and Jewel

Information provide by his son Larry Kingery









Dorothy & Archie







Hank Seiman & Archie









1915 Nestor Movies The Mummy Wilbur, Washington Theatre





































Membership Card

A Living Ventriloquist

Drawing Figure Mechanism

Harry Rose


Self Taught


Callahan's Vent Book

Throw Your Voice

The Ventrilo





















Robert Lamouret (1915-59), French ventriloquist



















David Pitts & Henry Little

Henry Little

David Pitts & Henry Little

David Pitts & Henry Little

David Pitts & Henry Little

David Pitts & Henry Little

Henry Little

David Pitts & Henry Little

Henry Little

Oh No Mr. Pitts

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Chiseling Dummies Is a One-Man Industry

From Block to Blockhead in Two Daysí Time


Emergency Medicine for Dummies

Magician & Ventriloquist Walt Cunningham

Emergency Medicine for Dummies

Magician & Ventriloquist Walt Cunningham









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