Wild West Shows a List


A Girl of the Plains - Texas Nell - Alkali Pete


Arlington & Beckman's Oklahoma Ranch Wild West (1913) - Edward Arlington and Fred Beckman


Austin Bros. 3 Ring Circus and Real Wild West (1945)


Barrett Shows and Oklahoma Bill's Wild West (1920)


Bee Ho Gray's Wild West (circa 1919-1932)


Broncho John, Famous Western Horsman and His Corps of Expert Horsemen (1906) - J. H. Sullivan


Bros. Wild West Show (1929-1934) - Charles and Mert H. Allen


Buck Jones Wild West Show


Buckskin Ben's Wild West and Dog and Pony Show (1908) Benjamin Stalker


Buckskin Bill's Wild West (1900)


Bud Atkinson's Circus and Wild West (early 1900s) - Toured Australia in 1912


California Frank's All-Star Wild West (1911) - Frank Hafley


Cole Younger & Frank James Wild West (1903)


Colonel Cummins' Wild West Indian Congress and Rough Riders of the World - Frederick T. Cummins


Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders

Diamond Dick's Congress of World's Western Champions

Fred Akins Real Wild West and Far East Show (1909-1910)


Luella Forepaugh-Fish Wild West Shows (1903)

Gene Autry's Flying A Ranch Stamped (1942)


Indian Bill's Wild West and Mexican Hippodrome (1903)

Irwin & Hirsig Wild West (1910)


Irwin Brothers Cheyenne Frontier Days Wild West Show (1913-1917)

Jones Bros.' Buffalo Ranch Wild West (1910)


Kit Carson Buffalo Ranch Wild West Show (1913)

L. O. Hillman's Wild West Aggregation (1900-1920)

Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Real Wild West (1907-1916 & 1925-1931)


Montana Franks Shows

Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show

Texas Jack's Wild West (circa 1900)


Tex & Mex Wild West


Tim's McCoy's Real Wild West


Wiedemann's Shows (1906-1911)

Wiedemann Bros Shows

Wiedemann Bros Big American Show and Custer's Last Charge

Wiedemann's Kit Carson Show


Zach Mulhall's Congress of Rough Riders and Ropers



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