Barton Bros Circus and Wild West

Without a circus, carnival week would not be Carnival week.  Barton Brothers have a happy knack of happening along about this time every year to add their quota of fun to the scheduled gala and the show which they have brought with them for the 1914 Carnival season is, if anything, bigger brighter and better than on previous occasions.  Queensland Harry, the intrepid buckjump rider, is the "piece-de-resistance," whiilst each of the many allied acts in the diversified programme come in for a fair share of well-earned appreciation.  The circus is located at the corner of St. Asaph and Colombo streets and will be open every night this week.


The figure may be simply an anonymous cowboy or he may be "Queensland Harry", the intrepid buckjump rider, mentioned in the New Zealand Truth - November 14th 1914.




Above from the Ashburton Guardian, November 12th 1914


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