My career for forty years as a public Manager of Amusements blended with Instruction is well know. You have all hear of my three New York Museums; my appearance before kings, queens, and royal courts, with Gen. Tom Thumb; my great triumphal tour with Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale; and my immense Traveling Exhibitions. Every body concedes that I give ten times the money's worth, and always delight my patrons. I now come before you with the LAST GRAND CROWNING TRIUMPH OF MY MANAGERIAL LIFE.

Notwithstanding the burning of my last museum, in December (which, however, did not destroy any of my great traveling chariots, vans, cages, or horses, nor duplicates of most of my living wild animals, which were then on exhibition in New Orleans), I have been enabled, through the aid of cable dispatches, electricity, and steam, and the expenditure of nearly a million of dollars, to place upon the road by far the largest and most interesting Combination of MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, and HIPPODROME ever known. Indeed, it may fairly be called a great TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR.

No description will convey an adequate idea of its vastness, its beauty, and its marvelous collection of wonders. After our Grand Opening in the buildings of the American Institute, Monday, March 31, where we will remain for about ten days, we shall commence the campaign of 1873.

It will travel entirely by railroad, and be exhibited this season in nearly every large town in New England, Canada, and the States east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio. It requires more than one hundred cars, besides fifty of my own, made expressly for this purpose, and five or six locomotives, to transport it. My daily expenses exceed $5,000. We can only stop in large towns, and leave it to those residing elsewhere to reach us by cheap excursion trains, which they can easily get up,

Among some of my novelties are a FREE PULL MENAGERIE OF WILD ANIMALS, including all, and more than are usually seen in a traveling menagerie, which I now open to be seen by every body, WITHOUT ANY CHARGE WHATEVER.

Although I have consolidated more than twenty shows in one, containing nearly one hundred gorgeously magnificent gold and enameled cages, dens, and vans, requiring the services of nearly ONE THOUSAND MEN and OVER FIVE HUNDRED HORSES, the price of admission to the entire combination of exhibitions is only the same as is charged to a common show, viz., 50 cents: children half price.

My great Hippodrome Tent comfortably seats 13,000 persons at one time, while my numerous other tent covers several acres of ground.


The Museum Department contains 100,000 Curiosities, including Prof. Faber's wonderful TALKING MACHINE, costing me $20,000 for its use six months. Also a NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of 100 life-size Oil Paintings, including all the Presidents of the United States, our Statesmen and Military Heroes, as well as foreign Potentates and Celebrities, and the entire Collection of the celebrated John Rogers' Groups of Historical and Classic Statuary. Also an almost endless variety of Curiosities, including numberless Automaton Musicians and Mechanicians, and Moving Scenes, Transformation Landscapes, Sailing-Ships, Running Water-Mills, Railroad Trains. &c., made in Paris and Geneva, more beautiful and marvelous than can be imagined, and all kept in motion by a Steam-Engine. Here also are Giants, Dwarfs, Feejee Cannibals, Modoc and Digger Indians, Circassian Girls, the No-Armed Boy, &c.


Among the rare Living Animals are MONSTER SEA LIONS, transported in great water-tanks; the largest RHINOCEROS ever captured alive, and 500 Wild Beasts and Rare Birds, Elephants, Elands, Gnus, Lions, Tigers, Polar Bears, Ostriches, and every description of Wild Animal hitherto exhibited, besides many never before seen on this Continent.

In the Hippodrome department are THREE DISTINCT RINGS, wherein three sets of rival performances are taking place at the same time, in full view of all the audience. Here will be seen performing elephants, horse-riding goats, educated horses, ponies, trick mules and bears, and three distinct equestrian companies (with six clowns), including by far the best male and female bare-back riders in the world, with numerous athletes and gymnasts who have no equal.

Every thing is perfectly chaste and unobjectionable.


I regard this with pride as the culminating triumph of my amusement career, and I hazard nothing in saying that the like will not be seen again in this generation.

THE GREAT STREET PROCESSION, three miles long, takes place every morning at half-past eight o'clock. It is worth going one hundred miles to see. It consists of trains of elephants, camels, dromedaries, zebras, and elks in harness; nearly one hundred gold, enameled, and cerulean chariots, vans, dens, and cages; Arabian horses, trick ponies, three bands of music, and a most marvelous display of gymnastic, automatic, and musical performances in the public streets.

THREE FULL EXHIBITIONS will be given each day at 10, 1, and 7 o'clock. Clergymen of all denominations, and there wives, admitted free. Parties from the country are earnestly advised to see the Grand Procession, and attend the first morning exhibitions, while every thing is fresh, and seen to the best advantage, thus avoiding the immense crowds of afternoon and evening,

The public's obedient servant,


438 FIFTH AVENUE, March 15, 1873,


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