Gen. Ossipumphnoferu lived in the period immediately prior to 1500 B. C. The general appeared at the head of the Thothmes III hordes in 16 campaigns.  When the general's fighting days were over Thothmes III built for him a great castle near that of the own, and on his death, at the age of 60, he was accorded a royal funeral.  This Egyptian mummy, one of the world's best preserved, is on exhibit at the Niagara Falls Museum.




The Most Wonderful and Valuable Curio in the World





Worth Going a Thousand Miles to see. You Have

Gone Further and Seen Less


Special Features, Continued



The Egyptian Gallery contains a most interesting collection of Egyptian Antiquities and Caste of the principal curios ever discovered in that country: The Mummies are the only ones of Royal Personages exhibited in America. One of these is the only perfect specimen in the world.


Over 2,000 scenes in the Art Gallery, illustrating all the interesting places and features in the world.

The must comprehensive view from the Observatory. you may ascend 5,000 feet and you cannot see more of Niagara Scenery.


The most artistic arrangement ever done by man. Nothing ever was seen to equal the representation of nature that is here produced.


Every exhibit has its name and description. This enables you to do this exhibition quickly and avoid the annoyance of looking through a catalogue.






Oldest Museum in America


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