Barker's Nerve and Bone Liniment


Joy to the World - Relief has Come. - BARKER'S NERVE AND BONE LINIMENT cures Rheumatism, Sprains, Cuts, Bruises, Stiff Joints, Spavin, Ring Bone, Scratches, String Halt, etc.  A large bottle for 25c.; an extra large one for 50c.  Always keep a bottle in the house.



This is a bridal party at Atlantic City, taking a ride on the Shoot-the Chute.  In the first boat, at the foot of the slide, at the back end, is the bride and groom also the bridesmaid and groomsman.  She was the groom's mother-in-law, and went to the bottom at once.  The groom is diving down backwards to hunt her.  That's what he says.


Mashed Foot Cured in Eight Days.-- Mr. J. S. Dillinger, of Gerome P. O., Va,. in a correspondence, says:  I mashed my foot and applied BARKER'S NERVE AND BONE LINIMENT.  In eight days I walked on my foot again.  I think it is the best liniment on earth.


A Horse Disabled by Lameness for Six Months and Cured with BARKER'S NERVE AND BONE LINIMENT. - Mr. George R. Davis, of Mount Olive, N. C., in a correspondence, says:  My horse has been lame for six months and disabled.  I used one bottle of Barker's Nerve and Bone Liniment on him and it has made a final cure.


Serious Cut on Horse's Leg Cured by BARKER'S NERVE AND BONE LINIMENT. - Mr. A. P. Bishop, druggist, of Readsboro, Vt., writhes: One of our merchants had his horse cut so bad on fore leg that he thought he could not use him all winter.  The gash was 3 inches wide and 7 inches long.  Your Liniment healed it up.  In four weeks he was working.


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