a.k.a. Turtle Boy


Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1859, George Williams was billed as the "Turtle Boy".


"He is eighteen inches high, has the head of a boy of about 12 years old, in size and his legs, from which he derives his nick name of the turtle boy, are solid bone with no knee cap or joints in them. The legs are bowed so badly that he cannot stand up at all and never could." (Daily Republican, Decatur, Illinois, April 1, 1898).


George was an accomplished player of the harmonica, drums, flute and panpipes. In 1889, at Worth's Palace Museum, he was presented with a silver-mounted banjo by his fellow performers. Towards the turn of the century, George owned a 160-acre farm near Wheaton, Illinois. He made his living traveling from small town to small town with his manager, Willis Clark, exhibiting himself in vacant buildings.


He spent his later years on the freak show circuit as "King Dodo" from the Fiji Islands.


King Dodo from the Fiji Islands - Funniest Little Man Ever Born To Live - Age 76 - Height 19in. - Weight 29 lbs.


Information courtesy of Elizabeth Anderson - Phreeque Show


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