The Barnum & Bailey Family of Phenomenon's

Abnormal creations of Nature While in Her Most Fanciful Mood




Altogether the most remarkable family in the world's history in many respects is the Hovart Family of Midgets. To begin with, these six little persons, of whom two are young ladies, of Lilliputians are made up of midgets collected from various parts of the world and are not related in any way whatever, although they are frequently called brothers and sisters. In this case, however, there is no misstatement made when they are declared to be absolutely full brother and sisters. These little people first saw the light of days in a small village near the Hertz Mountains in Germany. One of the mysterious things in connection with them is the fact that their parents are persons of the ordinary stature--indeed their father may be said to be rather under the medium size of man. He may be seen in the accompanying photograph, and when it is understood that he is about five feet five inches in height the diminutive size of his children, although all having reached the age of young womanhood and young manhood, may be appreciated. Their ages range from sixteen to twenty-five years. Their mother is of medium height and rather heavy, and might be considered an unusually large woman. Both their father and mother accompany them and direct them in their performance. The two younger ones are the most diminutive little people who have ever reached their age. The two larger ones are smaller than was General Tom Thumb, and they are comparatively giants when standing alongside of their youngest brother and sister, who are undoubtedly the most diminutive little man and maiden that have ever lived. Despite their diminutive dimensions they are remarkably proficient in all of the polite accomplishments. They are actors, musicians, comedians, singer and dancers of such talent of perfection that their fellow-artists of ordinary size might very well envy. They occupy a stage devoted exclusively to them, and will give their own little entertainment which will interest and amuse all, ole and young. Although they are the smallest they are by long ways the most interesting of all the great army of remarkable people to be found in this exhibition.


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