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WITH some twelve hundred others, we spent last evening with the little people and have never witnessed a more enjoyable entertainment.  The Lilliputians conducted themselves through-out with wonderful art and propriety.  Admiral Dot attracted, perhaps more attention than any other: so little so richly dressed, so symmetrically formed so dignified and brave, to see him was to admire and almost to love him.  Admiral Dot, leading tenor, halls from California -Buffalo Courier.


IT is safe to say that the majority of the great audience at the Royal Opera House last evening expected to see a great deal of the Lilliputians and very little opera; but, as a matter of fact the entertainment was simply immense!  The singing and acting was a surprise to every one, and was made additionally enjoyable form the personality of the cast.  Their voices are of superior quality and of astonishing volume, while the acting is easy, graceful and natural.  The little folks show a keen appreciation of the humor of the situation in which they find themselves, and sustain their parts with a self-possession which is laughter provoking.  By all means see the Lilliputians - Toronto Telegram.


THE most pleasing entertainment ever given in the city was unquestionably that of the Lilliputian Opera Company last night.  Those who expected to see a company of dwarfs placed on exhibition were surprised and delighted to find a complete opera troupe as perfect in every detail and as fashionably attended as the Grand Italian Opera.  The little soprano, and the still smaller tenor, strutted forth with all the importance of Gerster and Campanini, supported by an array of miniature beings never before seen or dreamed of only in fairy tales.  every effort of Admiral Dot showed the possession of wonderful talent both as an actor or singer - Harrisburg Telegraph.



IF there is any desire in Norristown to witness a unique, but withal thoroughly enjoyable entertainment, that desire should manifest itself to-night by crowding Music Hall.  The performance last night was attended by an immense audience, and it is seldom, if ever, that the hall has resounded with  such applause as greeted the little artists.  The operetta is a mélange of popular airs, strung together with a witty dialogue, replete with bright sayings and local hits.  Persons usually imagine that extremes in size, both large and small, are accompanied with weak mental development, but the members of this company prove the fallacy of such reasoning.  Admiral Dot fills the stage with his acting, figuratively speaking.  His voice is wonderfully strong, and it was the general query "Where does it come from?"  The few moments of specialties which closed the entertainment were very enjoyable and served to impress still more upon the audience the veritably of the abilities of the little prodigies.  Is was altogether a marvelous entertainment, and was honored with the presences of our most distinguished citizens.  Come again and remain longer - Norristora Herald.


LILLIPUTIANS in Jail - The Lilliputian Opera Company paid a visit to that curiosity of all strangers, the county jail, yesterday.  Like the rest of the civilized world, both the atoms and the giant had board of the Mollie Maguire's, and never having seen one they wanted their curiosity on the subject satisfied.  While proceeding through the corridor the Lilliputians marched in solid phalanx and squeezed up close to see giant as the warden stopped in front of a cell and proceeded to unlock it.  The small people looked as if they expected to hear a tremendous roar come form the cell and to hear the clanging of huge chains. As the roar didn't issue of the chains clang, they at length returned to take a peep at the inmate, Daniel F. Canning.  Canning is a good-looking fellow, of processing manners. Much to their astonishment, he didn't were horns, and his feet were small and of the ordinary shape.  His gaze, too, wasn't ogerish, and his voice by no means was unpleasant.  Beyond doubt they found a great difference between the appearance of Canning and the figure they had long carried in memory as the typical Mollie Maguire.  Canning answered all questions, and when pressed by each of his small visitors., gave them his autograph, which they seemed to prize exceedingly. When they wander "Down East" they will probably tell of their visit to the Pottsville jail and their interview with a "Mollie Maguire." - Pottsville Journal.


IT is seldom that our city is favored with a performance containing so much genuine merit, so mirth-provoking and so exceedingly novel, as the presented by the Lilliputian Opera Company at the Royal last night.  A majority of the audience present no doubt attended merely to see a collection of dwarfs and were, in a measure, unprepared to witness such a thorough and pleasing entertainment.  Apart from the admirable and well-trained voices, they display an ability in rendering their respective parts which cannot be too highly commended. - Toronto Mail.


THE entertainment has attracted our best people, and numbers never before seen in Music Hall have honored, the little people with their presence.  The throng of fashionably-dressed ladies and children yesterday afternoon made the little artists upon the stage sparkled with joy as they come tripping out to the footlights, and began the music of the charming operetta.  See them by all means, as such a combination of Lilliputian talent cannot be again organized. - Portland Press.




each first-vivid memory, quick, clear observation, good practical sense, sympathy, ingenuity, prudence, executive force, a hot temper when invaded or annoyed; very strong social affection, readiness to cling and cleave to these who treat him courteously and kindly, with a strong desire to pet something. All the pets will like him.


He has large self-esteem, and naturally believes in himself.  Will take an insult as a gentleman does, and repel it.


He is ambitious, sensitive to praise and honor and reputation; very cautious; will be guarded in whatever belongs to safety and prudence.  In fact, he has the best balanced head I have ever seen on any of the small people, and if the head and the body could be developed up to natural manhood, he would take and maintain his place intellectually and characteristically anywhere, and make his mark.


He enjoys music sees the funny side of subjects, is a real critic, and makes some wise, quaint remarks about people who are over wise, or in any way eccentric.




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