The $30,000 Nutt,









who is seen in the above illustration just bursting out of his shell, is beyond all doubt, The Smallest Man in Miniature in the known world, and withal The most Pleasing and Fascinating.

18 years Old!  Only 29 inches High!!  Weighs but 24 1/2 Pounds!!!

He is the merest pigmy of humanity; a very small Fraction of an Ordinary Sized Man.

He was visited by over 50,000 persons the first week of his exhibition, and was universally pronounced the Most Attractive and Interesting human being ever known.

He will continue to be seen At all Hours, every Day and Evening, in the character and costume of a commodore, and at intervals appear in a variety of Songs, Dances, &c., in Character,  the whole making an exhibition never equaled in the world.  All the other attractions of the Museum are also to be seen at the same time, and the superb Fairy Dramatic Play, Ondina, THE NAIAD QUEEN, is produced every Afternoon at 3 o'clock and every Evening at 7 1/2.

For full particulars, see Museum Advertisement in Daily Papers.

Admission to all only 25cts.  Children under 10, 15cts.


P. T. Barnum Advertisement  from the Civil War Harper's Weekly, February 22, 1862

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