"Two Little Earth-Quakes"


WHAT?  SHAKES  5,000,000





Uffner's royal American Midgets, the Smallest People in the World, make manifest to one and all that their Season will shortly terminate in London.  After having achieved one of the greatest successes on record in this the great City of the world. Since the "Little Folks" entered into London "their path have been strewn with roses" and wealth flowed into their coffers.  From the greatest in the land to the humblest subject have vied with each other who should show the greatest kindness and honor to the Smallest on Earth.  Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen honored the "Little People" with a special command to Buckingham Palace, February 26th 1881; the Prince an Princess of Wales commanded them to appear at Marlborough House, December 15th, 1880, and again before forty members of the royal Family, February 21st.  Uffner's royal American Midgets are the recipients of no less than three Royal Commands in one month, and the unprecedented compliment of two Royal Commands in one week. "Lucia Zarate," the smallest woman the sun has ever shone upon, now in her 19th year, actual present weight only 43/4 lbs., awes and strikes the beholder with wonder, fascinates him with her weird-like and erratic motion.  General Mite, the smallest man this globe has ever produced now in his 17th year, actual present weigh 9 lbs.,  is bright, intelligent, well formed, gentlemanly in manner and beloved by all.  These are the Midgets, the talk and wonder of Grand Old London, the great wilderness of civilization. Only a great novelty like the Midgets, something that had never been seen before or ever likely to be seen again could shake the solid five millions.  Strange that the two smallest people should have moved the greatest number. Our great statesmen, poets, authors, actors, musicians, divines, athletes, beauties, professionals and otherwise have one and all paid homage "to the little ones.'  Invitations have poured in upon them from our best families, and fashionable clubs have quarreled over "Who should monoplise General Mite?"  There has been but one verdict by press and public: Marvellous ! Extraordinary ! Wonderful ! Surprising ! To see a perfectly formed and matured man and woman who's combined weight is only 15 lbs. is something to be remembered in one's life time, as it has never occurred before in the history of the world, and hardly likely to occur again.

To those who have not seen these marvels of the 19th century, it is respectfully intimated that the Midgets will shortly proceed to the Continent, and will not return to London for a term of two years.


"And this is what shakes 5,000,000"

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