Missouri's Giantess, Ella Ewing, is Dead.




Ella K. Ewing

Missouri Giantess: 1872-1913


Miss Ella Ewing, of Gorin, the tallest woman in the world, died at her home Friday, at the age of 40 years.

She weighted 256 pounds, wore a No. 23 show, 16 inches from heel to toe.  Her parents live on a farm near Gorin and she built a house and furnished it in proportion to her height.  The doors and windows were ten feet high, the ceilings 13 feet.

Here bath tub is six feet long, so that she could sit in it comfortably, and her dresser was six feet high without bottom drawers, so she would not have to stoop to get at its contents.  The bed is 91/2 feet long and she had a hammock 15 feet in length.  It required 25 yards of cloth to make Miss Ewing a plain dress.

She was a cousin of the M. W. Ewing family in Brashear, and the White Church family north of town.  Several times she visited here for a few days at a time.


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