Johann Petursson

and His Giant Rings



Many years ago I found a ring in a box of old items. The ring is made of heavy metal and has Johann Petursson Tallest Man on it and on the sides there are small dots. The ring looks as if it has been worn for a long time. It is no longer round and the dots are worn down on the sides. If you have any information on this ring would you please let me know.

Thank You. Vickie Russell


Vickie: Johann Petursson, the Icelandic Giant passed away in 1984 in Dalvik, Iceland with his family.


He had made and sold many different types of rings over the years. He had plastic ones in Red, blue, gold, green and yellow. Opaque and transparent. They had his likeness on them and his name.

He also had metal, gold, silver and pot metal, or lead. These have the JP on them and I think would be the older ones. He also had several different ones in pot metal, that had JP but also were different in shape than the square front JP's.


These had a round front on them, and were older than the Square ones.


The rings were usually sold along with a very large postcard, of him, and a much smaller woman. If you have the card you will notice the trick photography that makes her look even smaller. She is standing well behind him, and lower on the hill.


Johann was always one to make a living on the road or off. When wintering in Florida, he would set up at the flea markets and sell his rings and postcards. He realized early on, that the only way he would keep selling them is to change them in some way, so the next couple of years he would not have flooded the market in the area where he lived. By changing them, people would buy them again because they were different.


There are literally thousands of these rings out there, as he lived to be quite old, in his 70's I believe.


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