Gann Valley Giant


TOWERING OVER “NORMAL SIZED FRIENDS”, August Klindt is shown in the circa 1940s photograph taken near Gann Valley. Known as the “Gann Valley Giant”, Clint was a Buffalo County legend as a farmer and one-time county sheriff.


He also traveled with a circus sideshow where people paid to see “the giant” pass fifty-cent pieces through his gigantic ring. Clint spent his retirement years in Wessington Springs, living at the Pheasant Hotel on Main Street.


His “ten-gallon” hat is on display at the Jerauld County Heritage Museum in Wessington Springs. During his farming years he lived neighbors to the Buck and Doris Keyser family, northwest of Gann Valley.


It was estimated he was seven feet tall and probably weighed more than 400 pounds. People from the are still remember his friendly manner and the way he drove his tractor around the neighborhood. He is shown above with the late Jack and Eva (Wenzel) Jones.


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