"The Viking Giant"


Quite a number of years ago I saw a sideshow attraction at the York Interstate Fair in York, PA. He was billed as "The Viking Giant".


I am wondering if this Johann Petursson is the same person. At that time he was selling plastic finger rings for I think about .50 cents. He would put one on his finger and then slide a .50 cent piece through it.


I am 70 now and remember this show when I was just a small boy.


Thanks ahead of time,


Rich Hess



Hi Rich,


Thanks for your email.


You remember right, it was Johann Petursson


Here are a few links about Johann.

Sideshow World Viking Giant

Johann sold several types of rings, he made and sold ones made of white metal or other pot metals. He also should plastic ring made in several color. You can find more info about The Viking Giant and his rings, and other Giants that worked the midways at that time by following these links.


Giants and their rings

Sideshow World Giant and His Rings

Quasi-Modo Giant_Rings

Showhistory Giants Rings


I hope you find this information helpful.



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