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I noticed the link you just added to Sideshow World about Head Hunters.



I was wondering if you had any pictures of banners that show shrunken heads or know where I can find some?


Thanks. Jess Wilcox, Chicago Ill.

Jess, below are six banners depicting shrunken heads. The first two are banners used on the late Capt. Harvey Lee Boswell's show. The next three banners were painted by Mark Frierson and the last one titled "Tsantsa Terror of the Jungle" is painted by Toni-Lee Sangastiano.

The banner titled "Jungle Horror" was painted for Jeff Murray and Fred Olen Ray for one of their sideshows several years ago. Fred Olen Ray also used this banner in his movie "The Attack of the Sixty Foot Centerfold." This banner is now in my collection along with the "Tsantsa Terror of the Jungle" banner by Toni-Lee Sangastiano.








I hope you find this info helpful?



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