I stumbled upon your site via Google and I am hoping that you might be able to shed some light on a sideshow piece I bought about ten years ago (see photo). I donít know a whole lot about it other than it was most likely cut from the side of an old circus truck and that is a combination of hand paint and airbrush. Iím not even sure of the time period. It looks like it could be as early as the 1920ís or as late as the 1950ís.


In the lower right hand corner it states not included.........general admit.......


I have emailed Al Stencell and the Circus History Museum and they both were as equally as puzzled as I am.


Thanks and I love your site, btw.




Thanks for your email, glad you enjoy Sideshow World.


I guess I'm as puzzled as the rest of you. I will post your image and question in our ask the staff section on Sideshow World and see if I can get any info. about your it.


If you have any information about this panel please email Sideshow World


I also know some showman that I will share it with and see if it  brings back any memories. If I get any info I will post it on this page.


Thanks again, the pieces is really cool!


I hope you find this helpful?



Sideshow World


Maybe your Sonia panel is more related to Burlesque, Vaudeville or Striptease show.  I came across this poster and some reference to Katherine Boyd she was known as Zorita the Sensational Snake Dance - She performed in Burlesque and Vaudeville Shows.




Feeding Her Snake



They were not the prettiest girls with the best figures, but they all knew what it meant to entertain. And yes, each had her gimmick. Carrie Finnell could twirl the nipple tassels on her enormous breasts at different speeds and in different directions with such panache that her breasts were compared to propellers readying for lift-off--and she performed this mesmerizing anti-gravitational feat until she was seventy years old. Zorita performed with a giant snake about her body, echoing Eve entertaining herself without Adam. Blaze Starr, the "Human Heat Wave," rigged her bikini with tasty morsels of raw red meat and then lay supine onstage while a large black panther would retrieve his dinner from her quivering extremities. Except from Toni Bentley's book a review - Striptease: the Untold History of the Girlie Show




Poster Empire Burlesk





Zorita Walking Her Snake


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