Handless and Legless Man


I came across these images on cards at auction, of a performer the is billed as the Handless and Leggless Man. I was wondering if you may have any information about who this person is or where he is from?  The information I have says C. K. Andibert.  Handwriting on mount paper reads: Handless - Legless man, Clark's Greater Shows, San Diego, California 1940. 


Thanks Wade,

Houston TX


Wade thanks for your email, I haven't heard of C. K. Andibert, I will post your email on Sideshow World to see if anyone may have some information about this person or where he came from?  When I get more info I will let you know.  If you have any info about C. K. Andibert please contact us by clicking here, Sideshow World


I do have a little info about Clark's Greater Shows, Archie Clark confined his showmanship efforts mainly to California and Nevada, He was owner-operator of the Clark's Greater Shows, he exhibited successfully since the shows inception circa 1940's.  His wife and secretary, Rose, assist him.  Clark's route in the past has included many well-known fairs and celebrations.  He has made hosts of friends on the West coast, as has Mrs. Clark.  Archie is a former president of the Pacific Coast Showmen's Association, in which capacity he served with distinction.



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