I came across this card on an online auction, don't know anything about it. Was wondering if you had any info to where it came from or if it is for real??



Columbus OH


If anyone has information about this card please contact us at Sideshow World


It would be easy to conclude that this is a fake picture.

Saw this gentlemen in a sideshow gradually turn his head around to faces his back.  He does this by temporarily disjointing his neck.

Like many other people with normal backbones, he can head one way and walk the other, he doing it literally and the other figure........

If one were to give free rain to his imagination he might think of hundreds of ways in which this strange ability might stand this getting in good stead.

If he were a member of a military company he might troublesome to the commander, for, when the order was given, "Forward: this gentleman might be found with feet pointing in the right direction but his head in the other.



I find this a very interesting image, but I don't have no more background or the accompanying text. 

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