Looking for Information about my Great Grandfather

Arthur Raymond Hutchison worked on C.A. Carnival????


Dear John

Enclosed is a copy of the photo, writing on. the back, and the question I emailed you about July 2, 2006 I actually found another photo, same as the first, but unfortunately no other info.


At one time my great grandfather was a carpenter for a traveling carnival In the early 1900-1929s.


The family was reluctant to talk about him traveling with the carnival, so I know nothing beyond what is written on the back of the photo I recently found of my great grandfather and another man in a ticket booth at an outdoor carnival.


"This is what’s on the back” “The man in the ticket box is Loyd Hutchison. He has been with C, A. 7 years. He runs the Ferris Wheel."


This info. (Except for the last line which I added) is what I found on the photo and it was written in my grandmother's hand. She was Mabre Hutchison, and daughter-in-law to A.R. Hutchison.


The gentleman in the front is Mr. A, R. Hutchison," My g grandfather, Arthur Raymond Hutchison lived in Paris, Texas, Lamar Co, all his life, so I'm reasonably sure that's where he got the job with this C. A. Carnival. I would very much like to know about the traveling shows of that era, and in particular about the C. A. Carnival”.


There's not much to help in the photo….the dress I would date as 1910-1920, the banners aren't really readable and neither is the sign on the ticket booth... ...All I can make out is Admission…. 10….??? Maybe something would look familiar to you though.

The only additional info I could add (I sent this in an email also) would be that I did find a Loyd Hutchinson listed on the 1920 census in Bexar, TX.


Hutchinson Loyd 36 M W KS TX Bexar 2-WD San Antonio 1920


He was living with other single men, all seem to work for a "Show Co" as carpenter, painter. 2 engineers and motor ?, and on the next page a trainman and three showmen, The head of household has some-thing besides "Show Co” as place of employment. Could be the name of the carnival.

Maybe, as my great grandfather was married, he gave up the traveling life. He was living in Lamar Co, TX with his wife and sons on the 1920 census.

John, any help at all with this family mystery and early history of traveling carnivals would be very much appreciated! Even if you find nothing, I really appreciate your time and effort In taking the time to help me.

Very sincerely



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