I came across this banner, I would like to know more about the act that is shown on the banner?


ALIVE IN A GOLDFISH BOWL !! ONLY 6 INCHES HIGH ! ANDREA The WATER BABY, original 1950's sideshow banner. 


Thanks for any information you may be able to supply.


William D.  Westfalls Indiana


William Thanks for your question,


THE GIRL IN THE FISH BOWL – Also called the mermaid illusion, the viewer looks into the “fish bowl” (actually a lens) which shows – apparently – a living, miniature girl, often dressed as a mermaid. Because of the nature of the illusion, in its earliest days it was difficult for the “mermaid” to know what the audience was doing, so her act usually consisted of looking pretty and waving as opposed to actually interacting with the crowd.


The Info above is from Shocked & Amazed Carny Lingo


I hope you find this info helpful?



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