Christine the Gorilla Girl"


I know exactly which illusion this person is talking about. The man who owned it used to travel with Reithoffer shows. It was a very nice G2G illusion. The man who ran it for the owner, his name was Pete. To the best of my knowledge this particular illusion was retired about 2 years ago and then sold. Whoever bought it hasn't done anything with it that I know of yet.


I have built about 4 of these illusions for people and I think the lowest cost for materials was about $500. This one was stationary without any plans to move it. Mobile ones cost a little bit more to make them sturdy enough to last on the road.


The illusion can actually be built rather cheaply for about $300 if you don't mind plastic sheet walls instead of wood. I built one once for about $1500 and it was really nice. All the bells and whistles attached. Complete with fo

I was wondering if you know who puts on the sideshow that I saw at a local fair here in south of Boston... It has not been in our area for about 2 years now...I don't have any picture.

"The gorilla girl " a strange girl that changes into a gorilla..they call her was a great show and how they did it was to watch people screaming out of the tent.. I really interested to find out who owns the show..a company or a person..

The show had a big black tent and in the front was a stand with a cage...on the outside of the show the first thing people would see is the girl and then she would go inside the tent and into another cage where she was hypnotized and turned into a's a great illusion and they call the show "Christine the gorilla girl" she changes into a gorilla right before your eyes and alive..

Any information would be welcomed, I would love to find out who put on this show. Scott, So. Boston MA


Hi Scott, The following information is provide by Ses Carny who live just o

ggers, strobes, sirens, beacon lights, chains the gorilla could break every time, all the works. I am sad to say though that we never got any video or photos of this particular one before it went on its way.


The hard part of it is the right actors to make it work. Bad actors will ruin it, while good ones will sell it perfectly. I saw one once that had the best looking gorilla suit you could imagine. The whole set up was beautiful. But since the actors weren't really into it and the man "behind the scenes" didn't know how to operate it correctly, it looked terrible and many people who saw it were upset.


But then again I have also seen it with the worst looking gorilla suit and horrible looking sets, but with great actors that could scare'em every time. John Robinson Sideshow World


An early Ape Girl Banner


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