I am a reporter with the Yellowknifer Newspaper in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I am interested in learning more about the Hairy Trout.

Do you have any more information about it?


I am also interested in discovering any more zoological creatures that can be found north of the 60th parallel. Do you know of any? Jason Emiry Yellowknife NT

The story of the Fur Bearing Trout can also be found at the Museum of Hoaxes website. It was created by Ross Jobe, of Saulte St. Marie, Canada. The only other real life arctic creatures that come to mind are the newly discovered giant 2' starfish and jellyfish with 25' tentacles found recently near the North Pole.

Mark Frierson

Here is an excerpt from the Museum of Hoaxes.


The Fur-Bearing Trout is a species of fish that possesses a thick coat of fur to keep itself warm in the cold waters where it lives. These furry fish are primarily found in the northern regions of North America, but particularly in Canada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. The species is also sometimes referred to as the Beaver Trout, or (incorrectly) as the Sabled Salmon. Read more by clicking here Museum of Hoaxes





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