Found 6 Vintage Sideshow Canvas Banners - Info Needed





Hoping to find out a bit more on these sideshow banners. I'd like to sell them for a local lady who's had them in the closet for years. She doesn't know exactly where they came from, only that she thinks they've been in the family since at least the 1960's.


The house in which they were found is in Mid-Missouri, but her family is from the Northeast.


The banners are large, each measures approximately 7ft x 6ft (most are a little larger). The banners are all hand painted in very bright colors and each is in very good to excellent condition. They aren't signed anywhere that I can see. However, I'd say they are all from the same artist. I'm wondering if anyone can ID the artist and the time period or even the particular circus or carnival. 


Please email with any info here, Sideshow Banners

Thanks Scott


The performers are: Fire Eater, Electra, Swamp Devil, Major Delbert the Tiniest Man, the Bearded Lady and Twisto.


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