I have flyer from the Texas Centennial 1936. It is different then the flyer on your web site.

In that it says Susie was born in the Belgian Cono, 23 years ago of normal German parents as their only child. It goes on with more info until the bottom. Were it says Susie is the greatest living sensation ever shown in America and is under personal management of Mr. Julius Kuchnel. Come to see this living wonder at the Monster Show. This is a 2 page fold out. On the left side is the picture of Susie as it looks on your site and on the other side is the Biographical Sketch of the Life of Susie-Kordje. What can you tell me about it?



I found the flyer in a collection of photo's I bought at a auction. The photo's are from

Dean Eldridge Museum, Flagataff, AZ.. He went to the Texas Centennial in Dallas, TX.


There was some post cards along with this flyer from the fair. Also of interest was some early pictures he took of the museum being built and a sideshow in the area in the late 1920's.


The sideshow photo's were taken by Dean Eldridge.  He died in 1936 so I thing they are from 1920's. These maybe from the Flagstaff, AZ area or maybe when he went down in the at the Texas Cent. Fair which would make it in 1936.


I have had them for 5 or 6 years after buying them at his relatives auction near me. Dean was originally from the state of Wisconsin. All the photos were shipped to his relative in WS.


I was hoping the the person listed as Zandra was some how part of a sideshow at one time. but I couldn't find anything online about her yet.


Along with many other old pictures.


All Images are courtesy of Dan Fellows



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