Hi, my name is Chad and I have 3 Snap Wyatt banners I'm looking to sell. I have no Idea how much they may worth. I'm trying to find some more information about them.


If you could help or know anyone that could help, I would appreciate it.


Thanks for your time.


Chad Haydon




Hi Chad,


The Moon Man I can see is signed by Snap Wyatt. I can't see the signature on the Booptee banner but it looks like a Wyatt banner.


The Lentini banner, I don't see a signature on either, It doesn't look as it was painted by Wyatt, it look more like Fred Johnson, but Johnson would have had more in the background than just being plain. Is it signed? I'm not sure this banner is from any known banner artist, but you would have a better handle on that then I would as you are with the banners and can see the ware and age.


I would suggest you check out Mosby's Auction as to past auction over the past few years he has sold a lot of banner. It would give you a good idea of value. Sometimes banners have sold on Ebay.


I would value the Snap Wyatt banners at $1000.00 to $1500.00, they may bring more at auction. The Lentini banner I would be not be able to value as I don't have a lot of background or who the artist is.


Information provide by  Mark Frierson, banner artist and banner historian.


I hope this is helpful.



Sideshow World



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