What is the Carny Code??? Marko, Marysville Ohio


Hi Marko, Thought we would have some fun with your question, so I put it out to everyone on the lot and this is what came back.


The names have be removed to protect the innocent??????????????


So here goes...............

John Robinson Sideshow World


The Carny Code? No offense towards you John, as I know you are asking as a service for someone else, but if someone doesn't know what it is, they are not with it and won't understand.

imo that question belongs in the carnival history section on this forum. lol. not much left out there.


Just ask Homer Simpson.


Carnies Built This Country, The Carnie Part Of It, Anyway. And Though They May Be Ratlike In Appearance, They Are Truly Kings Among Men.


Don't Ask, Don't Tell


We been in the business since my family came to this country...clinging to the side of the Mayflower.


Once a Carny Always a Carny....


Be kind to your buddies old lady and kids, they could be yours next spot.


Always get a first floor hotel room...it's easier when jumping out the window to heel the joint.


Once a Carny Always a Carny....I don't believe in that quote. Once I retired, I was done.

No offense.

Please, Please, no one give out the secret handshake and let any outsiders get a look at your secret decoder ring.. ALWAYS carry your Knights of the Misty Midway membership card.


What happens on the Road stays on the Road....

The carny code huh? In my humble opinion the carny code is this:

Stick together, because you only have each other. And as always: GTFM! = )

Dot dot dash dot dash dot dot.


The code appears to be as follows:
Think of something good.
Invest your time and money to perfect it.
If it makes any money at all...
I'll copy it !!!

The Carny Code as refered to by Homer Simpson (and Tod) is one I was never priviy too as I was never a Carny. Never worked with a carnival...worked around them (Independent Midway) but was never part of the actual scene. (Circus is another story) I was a Showman not a carny (big difference) and saw early on that the usual Midway clientel, punks, (under 18) was not actually the group that I wanted to show to, to reach the most bodies...Families with kids. So I never set up on the actual midway but elsewhere on the fairgrounds. Well, wait...I did once at a fair in Carson City (had fun too!) but was never versed or rehearsed in any code.


I had my own code and that IS a secret.


Anyway...you can have been 'with it' and not know the Carny Code...but looking around at the many Carny's, I knew and saw maybe I didn't want to know.

The Code of the West, being bound by an unwritten code of conduct, values of integrity and self-reliance guiding ones decisions, actions and interactions is to my liking however. No more than the Golden Rule.

Oh and "Respect the land, defend the defenseless, and never spit in front of women or children."

My code is "Know who you can trust and keep them close.......get the crowd in and get their cash.....send them home happy with a MEMORY OF A LIFETIME!!!.......count the money....do it again" So far, that's working for me.


"Screw you, I got your dollar!"


Gooba Gobba - Gooba Gobba - One of Us - One of Us!





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