I came across the image of this banner, I would like to know more information about?


Here's a little background on this banner.


This very unique and rare banner was recently discovered hidden inside a trunk in a now closed wax museum. In the 1930's through 1945 the original owner of the museum traveled the country acquiring unique items that he one day planned on using in his wax museum he intended to open in the early 1950's. Hundreds or rare and unique pieces were acquired during the planning stages of his dream museum, all being placed inside a rented warehouse until he could open his museum. Once the museum was opened in the early 1950s all of his items were moved to his new building and the majority of which were used in the various displays. Having been inside the now closed museum, I know there was no were remotely even possible that this banner could have been displayed or even used. So this banner remained folded inside a large trunk under some older quilts for over half a century.


Thanks for any information you may be able to supply.


William D.  Westfalls Indiana


William Thanks for your question,  The banner looks as if it was air brushed which would make it newer than the information that your provide.


I'm not sure who the banner artist is, and have no further information on the museum that was mentioned.


I hope you find this info helpful?



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