The Ambush Film


So there's the car now what happened to the film of the actual ambush? T. Hunter McCann.


T. McCann, on exhibit with the Death Car at the Primm Valley Resort there are many artifacts on display with the car. There is the actual shirt the Clyde was wearing when he was shot to death. Numerous News paper articles of the death of Bonnie and Clyde. A necklace that Clyde made for his younger sister while in prison and a hand tooled belt that he made while in Jail. There are also pictures of the posse, Bonnie and Clyde and other interesting items from that era.


On a large television right between the Death Car and another car that is in the display they show a video that has many scenes from old news reels which includes footage of the ambush.


I don't know if the video is the same one that was shown with the car when it was on display with the Hennies Brothers Midways. But in 1973 the Bonnie and Clyde Death Car was purchased by Peter Simon of the Oasis Casino in Jean Nevada along with other items that had been displayed with the car. John Robinson, Sideshow World


<<< June 2, 1934, Dallas Daily Times Herald


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