I came across your site while searching for a little person that was in a traveling fair or carnival that toured the US in the mid to late 1960's. I am seeking to fill in a memory I have of meeting a tiny woman who I think was Princess ___(?)___. I do not remember her name but I have a very vivid memory of my encounter with her. She would have been traveling with a show that came through Little Rock, Arkansas. I don't remember her billing but I do remember my mother letting go up to the display to see her. I was 4 or 5 years old at the time. She was sitting in a display that looked like a living room scene only everything was in miniature. She wore an elaborate off the shoulder dress and was sitting on a tiny red velvet tufted ornate Victorian style sofa. She had a soft tiny voice and you could ask her questions which she answered through a speaker in the glass front.

For some reason this woman came to the glass front and put her hand out as if to touch my face. Our hands rested against the glass palm to palm and she asked my mother if it would be alright for me to sit and visit with her for a while. My mother was startled but agreed. I was led around behind the painted canvas banner to a set of metal steps and through a door into her tiny world. She took my hand and showed me around letting me touch things and invited me to sit with her on the sofa. My mother kept a watchful eye through the glass. I am not sure how long I sat with her as she asked me questions as people filed through looking at us.

I have never forgotten this experience or the tiny lady, I only wish I knew her name, the show she traveled with, or had a picture of her and/or the midway. Would you have any resources I could check to possibly find her? I have often thought of her through the years and marveled at her kindness and possibly her loneliness. Thank you for any information you might have.

Sandy Babb


Sandy thanks for your question,


I will post your question to see if an of our reader may have memories or information about the little lady you remember from the sideshow.




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