Little Harvey

and His

Bull Elmer?

Iím looking for a picture of Little Harvey and his bull Elmer.


Iím a researcher who is trying to confirm a few things regarding an interview I have done.


I was told Little Harvey disappeared in the late Ď60ís. His bull eventually re-surfaced but Harvey never did.


Elmer was a bull with three eyes, two on one side of his head, one above the other.


It is said all three eyes functioned. He also had four horns.


If you know anything else about Harvey or Elmer that might be helpful please let me know.


Deborah Silva



Hi Deborah,  I have these two articles that refer to Elmer, the  first   is   from

a 1966 Billboard Magizine.


The next is from the Gettyburg Times, Nov. 11 1965.


I will post your question to see if any of our reader may provide any infor-mation about Elmer and Little Harvey.


I hope this is helpful?


John Sideshow World




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