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I also have one of these rings. I thought it was a napkin ring, but I  don't really know. Is there any information at all on this ring??? Age  or anything?


Karen Noland

Karen: Thanks for your question, here's a link to some great information about giant rings, I hope you find this helpful.


Showhistory Giants Rings



The ring was made for Gottieb Fischer, it is ceramic. The RBBB Circus stands for Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, the GF is Gottieb Fischer.


Most Giant Rings were made out of metal. Which were cast from molds, They were designed for each giant . They melted down softer metals like lead and tin. I'm sure there is no way to find out the number of rings made by or for the Fischer's as rings were manufactured for the giants by company's and some of the giants even made their on rings while they were on the road.


Gottlieb and Alfreda Fischer entered show business in their native countries. He, in Austria and she, in Germany. They met in vaudeville where they both did song and dance numbers. They fell in love and married in Hamburg in 1933. Three years later they came to the U.S. and were with various circuses including Ringling Bros and were once billed as

Mr & Mrs Long.


The Fischer, who were billed as the largest married couple on earth, settled near Sarasota, where they opened a motel, It didn't take long for them to discover that the public was going to follow them wherever they went. The Fischers were both beautiful people. Not one of their publicity photographs did them justice. The public adored them, but adoration is no substitute for peace and privacy. They stayed in the business till 1949 when they retired, they opened the Pioneer apartments in Sarasota, Florida where many of their show business friends had their winter homes. They put someone else in charge of management and stayed on the sidelines.


Mrs. Fischer passed away in 1984 and her husband 4 years later at the age of 81.


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