The 2-Bit Spider and the Giant Horse?

by Pete Kolozsy


We were sitting at a table in the cookhouse after closing one night and Athena & I were cutting up jackpots with Larry.

Larry is an honest to God showman.

He has had several grind shows over the years.

Most recently he's been showing a Little Horse, Zedonk and The World's Strangest Dog.

So Larry was in a pretty good mood on this particular night. It had been a terrific day.

You see, at the previous fair poor Larry had The Great Jimmy set up with his Spidora right across the midway from his animal shows and, put quite simply, it killed all his biz.

Larry had been taking it rather badly until I pointed out to him that sometimes one's faith is put to the test. He said Amen and cheered up. Proving that he is an honest to God showman.

(As a side note I would be shirking my duties here if I didn't report what Jimmy had done. He put together a Spidora illusion inside of a rental top. Then he did live ballies on the front and turned the tip at two bits a head. When he had a full tent after however many ballies it took {the 25 cent admission was enough to keep them a captive audience in the tent} he would begin fleecing them starting with the Mouse Pitch.  After bleeding them sufficiently he'd show them the Spidora and send them smiling on their way. The people loved it. Jimmy really is a first class entertainer.)

Back to the cookhouse-So, Larry was telling us all the reasons against having a Giant Horse show. "I'll tell ya, Pete.." he said, smiling.

"A Mini Horse wins just as much money without nearly as many hassles."

"I have less trouble with my pony ride than I had with that Giant Horse."

"Not to mention that Giant Horse would eat more than six ponies in a week's time.."

At this point I was forced to comment...

"Dang, Larry! That was one bloodthirsty horse!"

Athena got it first. She groaned.

Then Larry got it. He said he'd pray for me.

We all called it a night on that one.


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