Pete Poobah Terhurne only wore the bag on his head on the bally of "The Pygmy Village: in which as the star he juggled articles, (tennis balls etc.)  while standing on his head. He did sword ladder, glass dance, iron tongue. wrestled a big snake and had the knives thrown around him, (impalement act) He has performed in burlesque in theatres and clubs, in theatre variety shows, indoor and big top circuses as clown, (seven years :clowned at Madison Square Garden N. Y. with Ringling Bros, and Barnum and Bailey, and a special showing (clown)

with RBBB at Wash. D C in 1973; He co-starred in the theatre musical "Phineas"


Was the murder victim in 2 Broadway musicals: "Million Dollar Doll" 1962, and

"Saigon Doll" 1995.


He has appeared on TV with Jay Leno :"Tonight", Tom Snyder "Tomorrow", Joan Rivers show, P M Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment This Week" , Weird America", "Small Town Secrets" and ten TV documentaries, and well over 100 local newscasts.


For many years he is a front page photo subject for fairs across the U S and Canada.


He has been profiled in 19 published books and many magazine articles. He will be the official (clown greeter at the IISA charity circus Gibsonton on Jan 19 which post he has

occupied for 26 years...


He is a forty year member of the International Independent Showmen's Assn.; a member of Circus Fans Assn, of America, and Award recipient of The Sideshow Gathering.


He performed 1980, 81, 82, 83 at Smithsonian Institution, Wash DC. At a private party in Palm Beach Fl. in 1956 he was photographed with the Joseph Kennedy family, including the young Kennedy sons John, Robert, and Ted;


The Mellons of Pittsburgh, John Rockefeller Jr, and brothers Jay and Nelson. and many other of the nations top socialites.

He was in movies "The Dare devil" "Beware The Black Widow" and in three different children's movies for Trans International Films as "Puss In Boots". He was featured in "Carny" with Jody Foster and Gary Busey.


These are the things I remember in what has been a long and successful career.


Asked where he enjoyed working best , he'll reply "New York first and Hawaii second".


What he liked the least was touring with "Dr. Miracles Wondercade" on the Caribbean Islands. On that tour the was looked on with the admiration shown a Rock star, with

screaming, wanting to touch him etc, it was frightening to him.


Ward Hall


1 Pete Terhune, by Lori Ballard 2007 All rights reserved

2 Jody Foster and Gary Busey BW image from Carny



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